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5 game changing recruitment technologies to look out for in 2017

5 game changing recruitment technologies to look out for in 2017

Thanks to technology, our work lives are becoming increasingly intertwined with our personal lives, and to a large extent, this is not necessarily a bad thing, for it helps ease the work load. The primary reason for this occurrence is the advancement of intelligent technology that assists in getting tasks done faster and better. Here are a few such technologies set to change the way we play the recruitment game in the coming year:

  1. Communication Assistance :

Social media works very well as a platform for companies to be able to speak their minds and connect with their audience of followers, but it is important to employ independent communication tools for one on one communication with co-workers, clients, and candidates.

  1. Bots :

The biggest way in which bots make life easier for recruiters is by taking tedious tasks away from them and completing them with heightened efficiency. Bots can be used for a lot, from taking care of email responses to sorting out a hectic schedule.

  1. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning :

Similar to bots in concept, but a lot more complex in design, artificial intelligence is able to achieve much greater tasks with relative ease. What’s more, rather than simply employing a rigid set of instructions, this system allows for incessant improvement that makes it adapt over time into an immensely lucrative tool.

  1. Increase in Freelance/Part Time Profiles :

With so many internet platforms making it easier by the day to find skilled workers, and the seductive allure of working “only when one wants” is bound to boost the freelance industry for an increasing number of services owing to technological advancements. From blogging, to marketing, to coding, everything will be up for grabs in the freelance sector very soon if it isn’t already.

  1. Virtual Reality :

It has been creating a buzz for quite some time now and at this point is all set to explode as the “next big thing”. While industries such as gaming have already embraced it with open arms, it will have a monumental impact on all industries including recruitment. For example, the prospect of visiting a virtual office for an interview instead of taking a day off work and flying half way across the country for the interview is so appealing in concept alone, it is bound to be made a reality the second it is possible.

There are many reasons to shirk these developments, but all that is required to embrace it is one: it is the way of the future, and those who don’t adapt shall be left behind.

Based in the City of London, Recruitment SMART is a HR tech startup on a mission to bring disruptive technology to the recruitment industry. They are developing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning based sourcing solutions. Team includes veterans from both the recruitment and tech industries and has client globally in UK, US and APAC. Feel Free to Write to us at info@recruitmentsmart.com

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