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Can Department Stores save themselves in 2018?

The struggling retail market has seen a large number of department stores biting the dust, in recent times. A lot of big names in the traditional retail domain have shut shop due to unrelenting competition from the online retail platform. The disruption in the traditional mode of retail shopping is due to the immense reach of the e-commerce platform and the expanse of discounts it offers across multiple product portfolios. The customer now days looks for the value proposition in the products they use and can go to any length, transgress any geographical boundaries via online portals to get their hands on to a product which fulfills their needs.

Department stores, in order to survive and save themselves from online retail onslaught, are reinventing themselves. Currently, they face the rise of online retail giants like Amazon and eBay, unsold inventory leading to humungous storing cost and out of favor products. To temper the glut of retail competition, many department stores are leveraging the capabilities of IT and adopting the use of retail-oriented connect-engage-promote-transact platform for brands, manufacturers, retailers, and distributors.

The Netree designed app FOOP, brings together functions like CRM, DTS (delivery tracking system), DMS (dealer management system) and customer engagement; the 4 integral pillars of retail industry into one application. The integrated marketing tool of the application enables the store to create marketing campaigns and interact with the clients through loyalty programmes. The ability to interact with the client through the promotion of special offers, discounts via SMS, email and social integration facilitates wider reach, thereby creating a loyal consumer base.

FOOP also works as a promotion engine which enables users to create coupons that give discount on the purchase value of the products when the customer buys what you want them to buy. Deal coupons, on the other hand, allow the retailers to create coupons that give something free when your customer buys something which you want them to buy. The customer can redeem coupons and participate in many campaigns simultaneously, thereby creating a unique eco-system of interactive promotions that encourage the users to sell more and propagate at the same time.

The underlying technology of the FOOP application is the QR code scanning which uses the user’s camera and connects it to social website such as Facebook for immediate publishing and networking. The application’s payment integration with various methods enables the stakeholders and retailers to operate seamlessly.

The mobile app has a simple UI with easy to navigate screens allowing easy adoption and seamless user experience. The campaign reports provide concise data on all campaigns along with the number of campaign re-promoted and redeemed. The performance index gives a fair idea of how to formulate new campaigns and features of previously successful campaigns can be inculcated into any new or future campaigns. The payment wallet can be used to pay suppliers and retailers and also to recharge the SMS marketing balance. The daily, weekly and monthly payment and profit reports provide a comprehensive overview of the business, on the basis of which the owners can make informed decisions.

If you are a retailer or a consumer looking for a platform which can seamlessly manage the payment cycle, customer interaction, marketing and promotion from a single intuitive graphical user interface, then look no further.

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