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Recruiters are the Architects of a Successful Corporate

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There are many ways to try and discern the growth of a particular business, most of them based on numbers in various forms of assessment. Some methods choose to assess growth in monetary terms alone, while some assess it in terms of number of employees, and/or offices. Some even consider the number of customers a business reaches to assess how much it has grown in a particular time period.

However, whenever one looks for the cause of the said growth, one inevitably finds recruiters to play the central role in that endeavour. A business cannot grow in terms of employees, offices, profit, or customers, without an efficient and veritable taskforce handling the recruitment, for everything else is a direct result thereof. “Companies are in a battle for top talent, which means the recruiter must become a very strategic business partner”, writes Jan Osburn, Recruiting Consultant.

The reason why recruiters are a key part of the ‘successful business’ process, is because every hire a business makes is a potential gamble. The two possible outcomes of this gamble are that a candidate will either turn out to be an asset, or a liability. While the former goes a long way in furthering the interests of a business, the latter sets it back severely. It is up to the recruiter to minimise the risk of this gamble known as hiring, and to ensure that only assets are hired, and that all (possible) liabilities are effectively weeded out in the recruitment process itself.”When it comes to the bottom line, there’s nothing that will make a bigger impact that hiring the best people the business can find”, according to Ms. Osburn

For this to work, a business needs the sharpest recruiters on the top of their game. At least, that’s what a business needed up till a few years ago. Now, a highly skilled recruitment team needs highly sophisticated tools to help them battle the dark side of the numbers game, which is the massive amounts of candidates to sift through while looking for the assets. The larger a business grows, the harder it gets for everything to be kept manual and yet ensure an acceptable level of efficiency.

This holds true particularly for the repetitive and tedious parts of the recruitment process, such as the perusal of hundreds of thousands of resumes to find the perfect fits for the business. Human error is bound to pull down the efficiency rate of the recruiters the bigger the business gets. Or is it?

There was a brief period in time when the sheer zeal of the recruitment team that had grown larger to tackle the growing needs of the growing business was no longer enough, and they found themselves overwhelmed. There were simply too many candidates to sift through. But soon there were solutions to this problem presenting themselves in the most futuristic of forms: Artificial Intelligence.

While there are still some that are apprehensive about the new technology, perhaps understandably so, those who have tried it are already working rapidly to integrate it into their recruitment process. Capable of dealing with the repetitive and the tedious at incredible speed, the machine learning process grows smarter with every application. A direct result of this is recruiters being liberated from an unappealing and time consuming task, and can now focus their time and energy in a much more productive manner. In addition to this, the risk of human error is completely eliminated.

Once Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are integrated into the recruitment process, a great recruitment team becomes a super recruitment taskforce. “Recruiters have to…know the industry trends, the latest technology, the best practices…” writes Ms. Osburn.

*Reference article here.

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