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The Upsides of Automated Recruiting

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There has existed in man, for some time now, a strange and often confusing fascination for the idea of artificial intelligence. Part of us is filled with wonder at the notion, while at the same time another part is afraid of the concept, associating it with a dreary end in some vague way.

At the same time, it would be ignorant to not acknowledge and at times marvel at the degrees to which many an industry are automated, and becoming increasingly so as time passes. Obviously this must mean our curiosity and drive for progress is greater than our vague fear, yes?

Perhaps. Though there are a lot of advocates of the upsides of automating industry processes, over 75% of the world’s leading super power still believes that robots are somehow going to overthrow the job sector in the coming decades, and would have taken over all jobs in 50 years’ time.

The fact is, as the wiser ones have already realised, the robots are indeed coming, but not to replace recruiters but to empower them and enhance the recruitment process to yield more productive results. Recruiters cannot be replaced by robots; it is ludicrous to think they can, for recruitment is a process driven by human connection.

Another vast aspect of what the automated technology is aimed at improving is something few have recognised: the candidate’s experience. A recruiter understands the value of ensuring any interaction with potential candidates must leave them with a pleasant disposition towards the business. And the larger the numbers of the business grow, the more potential candidates there will be to entertain, the harder it would be for recruiters to do this entirely on their own. Artificial intelligence can go a long way in ensuring that the candidate walks away with a good experience and feeling valued for his interest. The recruiters could then focus more of their energies on finding the best talent out there, which in itself is a veritable task the bigger the business gets.

At this point, it seems like artificial intelligence and machine learning will simply take a tad bit longer to be accepted by one and all for all its boons. It already seems to be an established fact settling in at the back of our collective consciences: AI is here to aid and assist, not reduce and replace. There are plenty of other industries where the two forces of man and machine are working in beautiful harmony and yielding spectacular results. It’s only a matter of time before the same change sweeps over the entire recruitment industry. A positive, lucrative, prosperous change.

Based in the City of London, Recruitment SMART is a HR tech startup on a mission to bring disruptive technology to the recruitment industry. They are developing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning based sourcing solutions. Team includes veterans from both the recruitment and tech industries and has client globally in UK, US and APAC. Feel Free to Write to us at info@recruitmentsmart.com

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